Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye Crimson and Thanks For the Videos!

The calendrical new year is upon us even though we all know, really, that it is merely and extension of the one that passed. The turning of the clock at midnight will not right all previous wrongs, nor will it make you something you are not. That gym membership will go unused, and that treadmill will rust in your basement. Or not- who am I to judge? I do hope you managed to get what you were after, be it an exciting alcohol-fueled evening or a quite night in with loved ones (games and pets included).

Coincidentally (and definitely not hypocritical in any way) I am looking at things in a new light today. Over the past week I have noted (to myself) that I was getting increasingly frustrated with Warhammer. Many of my posts here, and on other blogs, have had a definite whinging quality about them and that isn't fun. I implemented a 2-day ban on Warhammer to clear my head and just take a break. I have, to be honest, played every day except for one since I was lured back by the free 2-week offer shortly before 1.4 went live (and yes I was extremely susceptible to that guy in the white van with the candy, or the puppy, or my favorite, the candied puppy. Mmmmmmm candied puppies).

I have also put in place a 2-day ban on participating in Warhammer in any meaningful way whatsoever. I will be taking my 45 RP down to T1 and T2 and be offering to do PQ or PVE healing for newbies. I have never liked the end-game really and won't bore you with my long-list of complaints. One of the turning points came when I noted that a high-end guild whom I had a lot of respect for had quit the game en-mass. Crimson of Karak Norn has left the building. I realize that one guild's departure from the game does not herald the end of Warhammer (as the game survived just fine when Bad Karma left Eltharion) but it has left me feeling a bit sad, and somewhat vindicated as well. I have been feeling, and saying, that Warhammer's end-game was a let down. I struggled to see why I should bother to grind up to 80+ and now those who have played it the most seem to be saying what I suspected all along. It's not that much fun.

Player burnout isn't uncommon. I try to think how many non-MMO games held my attention for 2 years and the answer is none (not counting franchises). It's inevitable that people will want new challenges and adventures. I have gone from playing Guild Wars for approximately 2 years to playing Warhammer for 2 years with only a smattering of EVE in between.

So what to do? I thought maybe I'd start a guild that focused on Tiers 1-3 only: a newbie, or alt-levelling guild. I always craved someone to level up with when I rolled my many alts but I realize that running a guild is a lot of work. I have no patience for drama, but this could be the perfect type of guild for me. Once a player reached, say rank 35, they were kicked as a matter of policy. Sent out into the big world to make their own way.... very paternal, no? Then again if I am getting a bit tired of the game perhaps forming a guild is a bad idea.

I am not quitting Warhammer, that much I know, but I am going to spice things up with some new games on a monthly basis. It's time I grabbed hold of the horns of my gaming goat (a nod to my old GW guild there) and steered it someplace fun. I will of course, continue to blog about them all for the new year has not squashed my desire to rant to the world in any way, shape, or form. I plan on starting with some F2P games and eventually moving into RIFT when its released. Warhammer will continue to soothe me when I Jones for PVP.

The blog, therefore, will undergo some cosmetic changes, but I shall remain- for better or worse. I will end this with a salute to Crimson. Thanks for all you've done, and my greatest Warhammer regret was that I never joined you when I had the chance. Good luck, and I'll see you all in RIFT where I will continue to cyber-stalk you.

Now back to the Gaming Days of Christmas.

She Who Will Be Named Later (who is the authority on such matters) has informed me that I have until the 6th of this month to wrap up this days of Christmas business. That is, she says, when Christmas officially ends and we get to burn Jesus on the fire....or holly....I can't remember which (Mmmmmm Sacrilicious). So here we go!

And on the 5th Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me: The Commodore Vic-20

At, or about the same time, that Intellivision made its appearance at my home our school began to instruct us in the use of computers. The Commodore Vic-20 to be precise. 

Floppy drives, hard drives, back-up drives- what the hell are they? We had a tape cassette. Press play and be prepared to’s gonna be awhile. With a massive 3.5 K of RAM (yes, K of ram, not Tetrabytes) it was a slow, lumbering giant. Then again we weren’t exactly trying to utilize cutting edge graphics (no Nvidea here). I know that by today's standards calling this a computer is a bit of a stretch since I am pretty sure my mobile has more functions and programming than it did. I am also pretty sure my new labrador-puppy has more brain-power than it did and she's pretty dumb, I have to say (and she was NOT a Christmas puppy as dogs, are, quite seriously, for life).

Well, that's it for now. I've gotta run. I've a ton of games to download and try and some newbies to heal in Nordland. Till next time.

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