Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gank Gets Facerolled

This is, by no means, a rant, nor is it a whinging post about the overpoweredness (is that a word? Spell-check says, No!) of any particular class. Perhaps its merely a story about how bad I am at playing my class. Last night I logged in to my beloved Warhammer for the first time in days. I loaded up Gankalicious, my 33 WH, and off I went for a little solo-action.

That was where the fun ended I'm afraid. I was beat not once, not twice, not even three times, no, but five times in single-combat against a 26 DoK. I have always shied away from attacking DoK's whilst solo and now I see why. I may not be the greatest WH in the world, and I am a little rusty, granted, but I do have some experience (10 days, 17 hours worth of actual play time according to my tome) so I can usually hold my own. I was quite surprised that I couldn't do enough damage to get him below 25% at any time even when I had him disabled. I checked the combat log and he was mitigating about half of the damage I was throwing out. I was also surprised at him much damage he put out, and how quickly he was able to drain the hit points from my bar.

In my defense I have a bit of a generic build as I'm never sure what I'm going to encounter, and I did forget to silence him.......every time....... Lessons learned and all that. Losing to an opponent (OP or otherwise) 7 levels beneath you is a bit humiliating, I have to say. Ahh well lets hope he got some good rr off my corpse and had some fun which isn't always easy to do at those late hours.

/hides head in shame


  1. Don't sweat it! Tomorrow is another day (to die)!

  2. Indeed it is! See the (edited) tales of my bloody revenge above :)

  3. DoKs have always been a tough nut to crack. The melee ones you can break by watching their Rend Soul ability (heals for 350% damage done) and disarming/knocking them down when they use it. Failing, that I hear Repel Blasphemy and Confused Movements M1 works well.

    It's the healing ones you can't kill, slowly wearing you down, detaunting and healing up to full when you get them low.