Friday, January 14, 2011

Fortuitous Fridays: Mit Fotografien!

I am more than the sum of my parts! No, wait, I am the sum of my parts? What? That makes no sense. Perfect. A great start for the first installment of Fortuitous Fridays. I spent some time thinking about names for this installation- Random Thoughts was my first choice but a handy Google (or Satan’s Search Engine as I like to call it) check revealed quite a few hits. While I am fairly certain this is an indication, if not absolute proof, that these (potentially) futuristic people have robbed my idea, travelled back in time, and made these blog sites to thwart my machinations, I will cede the site(s) to them.

Its unfortunate because Random Thoughts would have been a perfect summary of what I plan to do here on Friday, but fortunate in way (pardon the pun) because Fortuitous Fridays sounds better. Its sexy! Its fresh! It's pleasing to say, and it makes little to no sense. Or does it? If it doesn't work out I can steal the time machine, go back to today’s post, and delete it never happened. Or I could simply go to "Edit Posts" and delete it there. Whichever is easier at the time, although I think we can all agree time travel would likely be more fun despite the added danger of running into my past-self and potentially having sex with my mum. Ouch. Too far maybe? Sure, it was funny when Michael J. Fox almost did it, but when I suggest it I’m a monster? Oh fickle reader, how shall I ever please you?

Sooooo, moving away from sex with my mum, and getting back to the point. For those of us in the Office Grind Fridays have a feel all to their own. The week is over and the endless possibilities of the weekend stretch before us. In most cases we'll just be catching up on shopping and housework, or lounging about with family, friends, and/or games. I have worked my fair share of non-Office, non-Monday to Friday jobs, so I can empathize with the rest of you. I still found Friday to have a certain buzz about it, even if it was the buzz of resentment because I was working and everyone else was not. If you happen to work in the restaurant business it was the buzz of: "holy shit I'm too busy to think because all these wankers don't have to work tomorrow but yet they all seem to come in at the same time".

/salutes the food industry

To go back to the beginning, but with more conviction: I am the sum of my parts. Gaming is a huge part of my life but, believe it or not, I do have other interests. Fridays will now be about whatever happens to pop into my head (now serving, number 22). This will continue to include games but may just be short blurbs of happenings, screen shots, or links to other, more interesting conversations about games on other people's blogs. This is by no means a 'filler post' because my problem is not that I run out of things to say, but rather that I have too much to say. I have blog posts waiting in a Que in my head. Fridays will be the day I verbally vomit on my blog page......nice mental image I've created isn't it? Can you imagine it reader? Can you? Can you imagine, looking up at your husband, and him standing over you with his lad in his hand, wanting you to degrade yourself? God almighty can you imagine that reader? Can you picture it there reader? Oh get a good mental picture of it. Can you see him there? Ready to do the business?

Like I said, anything goes on Friday. For anyone who may be perplexed by that bit of randomness, Father Ted was a successful Irish sitcom about a dodgy Irish Catholic Priest and his very dumb assistant set on a small island parish in Ireland. Its famous for its humor, its very satirical portrayal of rural Irish life, and the fact that the Irish state-television channel turned it down so it was picked up, produced, and aired by an English station. ZOMG how much does that hurt the Irish pride! Ya, I said, it, so what? I can talk tough for three reasons.

1. Ireland was my home for many, many years and I loved it.
2. I have no Irish readers.
3. I'm not British so I can get away with it.

For my readers outside the UK or Ireland (should one come along some day) I'm afraid there's no way I can explain that so it will make any real sense. Some cultural nuances, passions, hatreds, and other subtleties can only be understood when you live in a particular place for an extended period of time. It's the reason I cringe when any of my North American friends orders a 'Black and Tan' in the pub. It's offensive both in name, and in taste (it's half Guinness and half lager) but how could they possible know? They think it's "Irish", bless them, and haven't a clue. Its also the reason my jaw dropped on the way home yesterday when a local (Canadian) station was playing this particular tune:

Some say the devil is dead, the devil is dead, the devil is dead
Some say the devil is dead and buried in Killarney
More say he rose again, More say he rose again
More say he rose again, and joined the British Army

I'm sure that wouldn't get played in the United Kingdom (particularly not in Northern Ireland) but I'm also certain the Irish themselves wouldn't even air it. It's all about understanding the history of a place and a people which only comes with total immersion. /shrugs

And speaking of immersion (and to move away from culturally sensitive topics) I gave Darkfall a two-week trial, and I have to say I really kind of liked it.....or is that a bit of fence sitting? Really....kind of...make up your mind damn it! Okay, I liked it but I don't think I'll be paying to play. I get it, I really do. Its immersive, its different, its fun. It's also needlessly irritating with the only possible purpose being to prove a point: look at us, we're different! I feel the developers are sticking with a ' you can take it or leave it approach' so I'm leaving it. The interface is needlessly finicky (especially looting) but the combat it very cool and it is one of the only games I have played in which I enjoyed the PVE. The mobs are tough, and smart. Kiting, hiding, and attacking you from behind keep you on your toes. I was even pulled by one! An archer kept backing up, and I kept chasing only to get jumped by a couple of his sword-wielding buddies. Nice touch.

The other problem I could see is that it is a little misleading. It is meant to be a sand-box where anything is possible yet because its a game about PVP there are only so many paths you can really take to be competitive. I don't mind 'the grind', or getting your skills up, but how is that really different from levelling up? Its about semantics in my opinion, and at the end of the day if everyone is grinding to reach the same path, how much freedom does that actually allow? This is, of course, based on less than 20-hours of play so take it for what it's worth. My hunt for a sandbox continues.

Finally, as promised I leave you with a picture. This was taking up space in my screen shot folder so I thought I'd post it. Note that my engineer (Ishotya) had managed to get more heals than damage! Good 'ole burgman's brew.

I've done less healing with my RP in some Scenarios!

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  1. I love Father Ted and actually made some attempts at translating the series, since I thought the language barrier (quite a bit of an accent) is to blame for it not being available in my country at all. My efforts proved to be fruitless when I discovered that it's actually the humor barrier, people just didn't find it that funny. I guess it's true, the islanders (any kind) have unique humor. :(

    Regarding that picture, Bugman's Best is a ridiculous ability, I frequently hear guild Engineers raging about the lack of healing in PuGs, the main argument being them outhealing the healers.
    Tho what's also interesting is the Shaman that did more damage and healing than you. Since SC scoreboards aren't representative of the actual fight, I'm not taking a jab at you, just found the above funny. :>