Friday, January 21, 2011

Fortuitous Fridays: Fight the Funk!

If you live in a northern, temperate zone you know that this can be one of the most difficult times of the year. Christmas is over and all the excess of food and drink has taken its toll. Its cold, its dark, and you can't be bothered with much of anything. SAD has set in and there are months this cold, dark, inhospitable climate yet to survive.

If you live in a sunny, warm climate, close your ears because you might not like what I'm about to call you! The weather here is getting decidedly worse but at we are over the hurdle and the sun is up by 9:00 am and doesn't disappear completely until 5:00 pm. Its kind of an office-based working day for the sun here. At the height of winter its dark from half four in the afternoon until half nine in the morming. Our temperatures, thanks to global warming, are all over the place on the whole, but we are usually guaranteed a week of sub 30 C temperatures. In addition we have also set the record for snow fall at 4'- yes four feet (that's 1.21 meters)- and they also tell us (in the same breath the sadistic bastards) that at this time of the year we have usually only received half of the total snow fall for the winter. Really? Eight feet of snow expected? Good god.

I've actually run out of space to put it. I have snow piled up as high as my garage. I can't actually throw any more up there because I can't physically reach that far above my head. Ridiculous. I know these things can be a little hard to believe, especially if you live in sunny-fun-land so I grabbed a screen shot of the local weather. Unfortunately I didn't have time to get one first thing so this was taken after it had warmed up, if you can believe that:

This was taken after it had warmed up. Upon waking it was -34 but the wind made it feel like -46.

So I find myself in a bit of a funk. I've been back two years, but to be honest, you never get used to it, no matter what those of us who live here might say. You can come to bear it, obviously, but you never get used to it. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar and you can direct them to me if they say otherwise. I'm too cold and cranky to care.

I am doing my best because I realize what's happening. I'm trying to keep the exercise regime going, attempting to drink less (that's obviously a lie), and trying to stay positive (ish). It has had an affect on my gaming and I just can't be arsed to take anything very seriously. Nothing seems to be very much fun or terribly interesting. I was yawing last night whilst dueling in Warhammer (mostly because I was bored with getting killed by that damned Squig Herder). It definitely isn't the best time to be making decisions about anything- gaming included- and that is likely why I've signed up for, and played a pile of games lately. I'm restless, frustrated, and vitamin D-deprived. Rickets can't be far behind.

But never fear! This post is, after all, about fighting the funk, not giving in to it. There is a plus side (almost literally) in that they predict the temperature by Sunday will be 0 Celsius. Can you imagine a 43 degree difference inside of three days? Its crazy especially when you consider we usually get up to +30 degrees Celsius in the summer with a day or two of close to +40 thrown in for good measure. 80 degrees of fluctuation. No wonder we northern peoples drink so damn much- its just not right!

So here we are on Friday with the weekend stretching ahead. Despite the weather its been a pretty good week for me. A great night of RVR in Warhammer, a new game to try (Xsyon- update coming soon), and I've ordered my new CPU with the money doled out by the Overseers for my toils last Saturday. It will be here in time for the next RIFT beta (I hope) so I can see what the game is like with high settings.

So for my Fortuitous Friday Feature I present you with a couple of tunes that I fell in love with many years ago. And really, what better way to Fight the Funk than with music?

First up (while I still have your attention): The Stanton Warriors Remix of 'High Score' with The Nextmen featuring Dynamite M.C. Even if breakbeats aren't your thing, give it a go: it's just a song about a guy playing a video game. Classic arcade sounds in the background ftw!

Next: an oldie but definitely a goodie. Evil Nine are absolutely a class act. They continue to change their sound as they go, and remain fresh and on top of their game. This track is from their You Can Be Special Too album from 2004. I didn't hook into them until I moved to Ireland and a mate played their Fabric Live set for me, and what a cracker that one is.

Buy it.

Their 2006 BBC essential mix is, without a doubt, one of the sets I absolutely couldn't live without- a desert Island Disc, if you will. I've mixed it up a bit over the years to suit my own needs and use it as my running track when I hit the gym. I'm not posting the whole two hour set (yet), but here is Crooked- a great track and a funnny video all in one. These guys are absolute gold! Happy Friday everyone, and happy gaming!


  1. Ah, *that* sort of funk! Thought you were going to suggest a fistfight with Bootsy Collins for a moment...

  2. I'd totally take him on 1 v 1. That's some easy renown, that is.