Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Has Left The Building, or Feck Off Santa, Your Time Here is Done

Right, so it's the last day of Christmas and I’ll finally be finishing my Days Of Christmas series. I was also planning on providing a review of DC Universe Online- finally- but as I was going through my daily blog read I noted that The Ancient Gaming Noob  seems to have stolen my very thoughts! I really can’t add much more to what he’s said. I went into the beta testing with an open mind. Other than a two week trial of City of Heroes (which only lasted 20 minutes because I hated it) I haven’t tried a superhero-based game of any kind. I also really hate DC (Marvel-boi), but I rolled a villian and was looking forward to stomping the crap out of batman and his minions. And 'Superman'? Don't even get me started.

To my surprise I found that I really liked the game. I rolled on the PVP server and had some good fun, but for the reason’s Ancient has pointed out, I’m not going to sub. The console-friendly controls are annoyingly clunky on the PC, imo, and I really can’t think of any reason why I’d want to pay a monthly fee for this game. It is a good looking, fun, action-oriented game but not at all what I’m looking for in terms of an MMO. Best of luck though- I really admire the look of it! Its slick, immersive, moody, and the cut scenes make you feel like your living in a comic-book, so if comics, DC, or action games are your thing you may want to give it a go.
And On The 11th Day Of (Gaming) Christmas My True Love Gave To Me: The Internet.
Obvious I know but it had to be said. I’m not going to patronize you (there, there, it will be okay) by discussing what the internet is or what it has meant to gaming (that and I'm pressed for time). It has had the greatest impact upon the human race since the industrial revolution in my opinion. For those of us who can remember life (and gaming) before the internet the difference is quite literally night and day.

And On The 12th Day Of (Gaming) Christmas My True Love Gave To Me: PVP.
I personally think that on the 7th day God rested, first with a cup of tea, and then did some PVP (while drinking Pints of Gin and screaming into his headset: "Push, push!"). My first taste (of PVP and Pints of Gin) came in Guild Wars when some alliance members needed a fourth for alliance battles. I had no idea what the hell was going on but I ran behind with my Necromancer and dutifully re-animated the corpses of both friends and foes alike while we capped the objectives. Guild Wars was my first MMO and everything was still new, and quite exciting. I finshed the PVE content on a couple toons and was getting a bit bored with it all. The lure of PVP was strong and the more I did, the more fun I had. Random Arenas, Team Arenas, Guild vs. Guild, Alliance Battles, Hero Battles.... I tried them all.

I’m a veteran gamer and I have played a lot of games (solo and multiplayer) but I have never experienced a thrill like PVP. To compete against real, live people (and hopefully smash them into the ground like paper mache dolls) is an adrenaline pumping roller coaster ride! I know there are a lot of people who really don’t like PVP, and many more who think that the PVP community are a bunch of egotistical asshats, and I can kind of understand why. Each to their own though. I certainly don't want to do endless PVE but I don't be-grudge them for doing so, nor do I think they are any less of a gamer for not participating in PVP (yes I do, see 'egotistical asshats', above). 

So that’s it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the 12 days of gaming Christmas. I’m going to take the weekend off (blog wise) as I have a lot of gaming to do. I should be invited to the RIFT beta because of my pre-order, and She Who Will Be Named Later has conveniently (for me) been scheduled to work all weekend. In addition the beta is going to be focusing on the PVP aspect of the game which is a hell of a coincidence given the theme of this blog post!

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