Sunday, December 12, 2010

Good-Bye Old Friend

So its with great sadness I have decided to say good-bye to one of my favorite toons ever- Tankosaurus (32). I don't really know why I liked playing him so much but I did. I hadn't played a tank before and I found something about it very calming and a whole lot of fun. Bash, buff, buff, debuff, bash, taunt, buff. Very rythymic, very orderly. I also think they are one of the coolest looking toons in the game. I tried the Iron Breaker, and the Swordmaster but just couldn't get into their mechanic.   

I started Tank on a separate account because, way back before GOA went under (who could have seen that coming with the exceptional service they provided huh?) you couldn't play on the NA servers from a European account (more on that another time). At the time I was, lets say, employmentally-challenged and had a lot of time on my hands. During the day (evening in Europe) there was no problems playing my order mains on Norn. By the time evening rolled around (3am in the EU zones) it was a ghost-town. Good for grinding LOTD but not much else. So I subbed another account (She Who Is To Be Named Later handily landing a job to support my habit) and played destro-by-night :)   

And so Tank was born. Wade in, bash shit, hope for heals, and away we go! Now, however, there is no limitation to which sever you can play on so I can keep my Order mains on Norn (for early evenings and weekends), and play on NA servers, should I choose. All from one account. Very civilized. Now to be completely honest, I never really got into Gorfang as a server. I can't say why, really, but I just found it (from the Destro point of view) quiet.....and unorganized. 

To be fair I didn't join a guild (PUGGED it) and there are some really great players there (Thehealeroftru, for one, though I don't remember him from a year ago) but it wasn't for me.  So I logged in today to say goodbye and get a screen shot for the blog before my account expires in a few days. Then I got to thinking. I wonder if the name 'Tankosaurus' is taken in The Badlands (my new destro home). Then I thought, well maybe I'll just roll a BO and see. And then I thought, why not just take him for a bit of a spin.....and thus goes the life of an altoholic. So, Tankosaurus is dead, but Tankosaurss is born! Huzzah!

Now I know what you're thinking, but this is really the last alt I'm gonna roll. Honest. Now, that said I did really want to try a Magus at some point. And the Marauders have gotten a bit of a boost, haven't they? And I really miss old Sorcerlicious- poor thing, trapped on that account I'm not going to re-sub. Hmmm.... I wonder if 'Sorcerlicious' is taken on The Badlands yet.........

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