Friday, December 24, 2010

Pass the Gin. Warhammer's Getting Annoying.

I was reading one of the blogs I follow and it got me to thinking. Yesterday I had a bit of a tantrum which resulted in my taking the night off from WAR. The more I think about it the more I see that I have a Warhammer cycle. Lets call it my Warcycle. After returning from a break I am yearning for some pvp-action and head out full of joy and hope. I enjoy familiarizing myself with my long-lost alts, seeing what's been happening, and checking in with the community. Do a few sc's, take some keeps, grab some new gear, and have a laugh. All good fun. After some time I begin to have the desire to take Warhammer 'seriously' or become more competitive and this is when I begin to get frustrated with it. I want more organization, I want more people playing in T3, I want more to do, I want to be more competitive in T4, I want to level quicker....I want, I want, I want. This endless cycle, er Warcycle, has played out numerous over my two-year history with the game. I also think that perhaps this is quite natural because there are, in fairness, few games that have managed to hold my attention for such a long period of time. Think of the non-MMO games you have played. Two years is a long time, and as has been discussed on the forums and blogs of late, there really is little new to do.

This does not mean I am quitting Warhammer so take your finger off the 'delete this blog now' button. I will continue to play, as I do, because I still do enjoy it. It may mean I change my focus for a bit (hellllllooooo new alts) or perhaps get involved with a different guild- please don't tell my guild, oh god, I love her (name that Simpson's episode)! But enough of that. Now its time for the Second Day of (Gaming) Christmas!

On the second day of (gaming) Christmas my true love gave to me: Video Console Systems.

Much to my shame I never owned the Atari VCS or any of the Atari home-based systems to follow. These things were new and none of these fledgling companies had any kind of reputation (who the hell wants Apple Inc. at $22 per share?) There were a few choices and at the time we had no way of telling what would become the ‘classic’. They were simply the ancient version of The Next Big Thing. Who could know that Atari was the one to side with so in years to come you could stand tall, feel cool and casually say: Sure, I had mates around to play Pitfall on my Atari. It was no big thing, ya. (I feel somewhat vindicated because we bet heavily on VHS and came up the winner against Betamax. Huzzah!)

So it was I found myself at a friend’s house, cross-legged on the floor playing Pitfall on the Atari. I know he had a stack of games there (because I remember he had to show me how to change cartridges ) but I couldn’t tell you what they were. I only remember playing pitfall. We weren’t exactly cutting edge where I grew up so there was a 1-2 year delay in the release of these consoles until the time we got them. 

Honestly: take a look at that and then complain to me about the lag during a keep take because 100 players are being funneled at the door by 100 more. This is what I had. A dude on a rope jumping over a black pit with a scorpion running underneath him. Oh, and don't forget the rolling logs! They were something, weren't they? I'll take the lag, thanks. And come to think of it..... maybe Warhammer isn't so bad after all. Perhaps I'll check in on 'ole Tankosauruss or go down to T1 with my RP and heal the crap out of some newbies. It might just be that their boundless joy for the newness of the game will infect me with the spirit of Warhammer. Or is it Christmas? Ah well, at least by then I may be slightly drunk and the game will seem a whole lot better.

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