Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On Finding a Guild

So its time, once again, to find a guild. Now, now, don’t assume by that I mean to say I am a guild-hopping madman. I am not, but I seem to have an aversion to guilds and find myself soloing an awful lot. If you take a trip back in time (last week) and look at my first post you will be reminded that I hate people. In fact, my favourite quote (made by me) is that “MMO’s would be a lot of fun if it wasn’t for all the people”. Also remember that at the very least I find myself funny.

I don’t think my self-proclaimed aversion to others is the reason I have a hard time finding a guild. I do want to be in a good guild because I know from experience that it makes a huge difference to the enjoyment of a game. I think I was spoiled by my first (and only) PVP guild in Guild Wars (No Goats, No Glory). It was a great bunch of guys who really took the game seriously but had loads of fun at the same time. We’d log in, talk tactics, talk about what we were all drinking that night (did someone actually once say “Pints of Gin and Tonic” and was that person, perhaps, me) and then we’d PVP.

Since Warhammer’s release I have only been in a handful of guilds. Less than that actually- perhaps only a palm-full or maybe a finger or two’s worth. I was in a guild called Hollywood on Eltharion for quite some time but left and went solo due to a lack of any organization in T1-3. I was quickly outpaced by others in my guild (due to my insatiable alt-habit) and once they hit 40 they were busy enjoying (or not as the case was in the early days) the end-game. I was having more fun roaming, ganking, and experimenting with different classes. Eltharion was ORVR so there was always some trouble to get into. Thane’s Defence PQ (Ch.7 I believe) in Dwarf was a classic spot for some great ORVR battles and some significant feats of gankage by yours truly.

It was at one of these ganking sessions a Thanes’ Defence I met an RP with whom I would later team up with. I ran my RP as a DPS (such as it is) and he was the healer. We’d duo quests, scenarios and orvr. It was good fun. We joined a Swedish guild (can’t remember the name, sorry lads) and he eventually went on to join Bad Karma at about the same time I had to pack up and say good-bye to my computer as I made an international move. Gutted! I would have loved to play with those guys.

I returned to Warhammer six months later to find Eltharion (and all the ORVR servers) to be ghost-towns. On the upside I wasn’t in the mood to focus so I used the peace and quiet to level my RP to 40 in the (new to me) Land of the Dead (thank god order had won access before everyone left). Once I hit 40 I transferred all my Eltharion toons to their new home on Karak Norn. I joined Bane of Chaos and had a blast! Finally played the end-game properly for the first time with an organized, pre-made warband and loved it.

Wow, that was a lot of boring background information wasn’t it? Still reading? Fools! I mean, very good, carry on.

So, back to guilds! How do we choose them?

My new search is for a Destro guild on Badlands. My order toons are happy in their new guild-though I was somewhat hurt when the remnants of my old guild told me they were ‘closed to recruiting’ when I contacted be fair, doesn’t that just mean they collectively thought I sucked? (Cries to himself in the corner while typing lol with happy face to hide his pain from the world).

I am flirting with the idea of trying out a role-playing guild. It is something I have never tried and this is, after all, a role-playing game. What better place to try? Another part of me, however, craves that organization and that competitive play (even if I do suck at it, thank you very much Guild Who Will Remain Nameless Who Used To Called Be Bane of Chaos). “Push into them! Push, push! Bomb the shit out of them!” I guess now it would be changed to “Morale dump the shit out of them” but you see what I mean.

I am also sick to death of levelling solo. I know that I bring it on myself (I do have 25 alts after all) but it would be great to level up with a group of guys and hit the end-game together. It’s hard to join an established crew who know one another, and their play styles, so well. I have to minimize the game and check on vent who’s who in my new guild as they talk!

So to summarize (yes there really was a point to all this) how do you choose a guild? I hate to guild-hopping so I don’t want to ‘try out’ a few and then leave. I guess I have enough alts I could join multiple guilds at the same time, but that just seems a bit dishonest, even for me. (This isn’t Eve Online, after all). The forums aren’t always a great source of information either so what’s a guild-less tier 1 toon to do? I’d love to hear your guild experiences and/or comments. For now, back to the grind. Baby Tankosauruss has a ways to go before he can fill the Annihilator Darkboots of Tankosaurus (retired).


  1. I've only ever been in two guilds in WAR, one that was started by an online community I was in. I was there for almost two years, even after most people moved on to other games or joined another guild, I persevered. Mostly because I was playing on and off at the time and thought that I couldn't commit to any guild (I don't join guilds that are there for the chat and the guild bank).

    When I came back to the game I kept telling myself I don't need anyone else, I was gleader of a rank 38 guild and was doing fine. I was on my way to my first RR80 character (I have more than a bit of an altitis), when I realised I'm not having fun. I saw organised guilds owning in ORvR and immediatelly knew I want to be a part of that. So I took the plunge, as I always have trouble joining an already existing community, and joined a guild.

    Right now I'm having more fun than at any other point in my playtime. The guild I joined are a friendly and fun loving bunch that take things casually, but when they roll out they do it with a plan.

    I guess I just went with my gut. Through a mixture of observing them on the battlefield, watching their players and leaders and a bit of trolling on the forums I decided I'd best try with them. I guess it was also a bit of luck.

    Hope this helps, but it probably doesn't as I'm sure you knew much of this already. :P

  2. You are right, of course- observing who’s who and what they are doing on the field of battle is the best way to decide who to join. Finding someone to have fun with can be challenging (especially for an anti-social type like myself) but it is worthwhile.

    I have to say though- and I do so with the most good-natured, laughable chuckle I can muster (as the written word can be too easily misinterpreted)- of course you’re having fun, mate, your in Crimson! They are one of (if not the) top organized Order guilds on Norn. They were my first choice to try and join when I re-located from Eltharion, tbh, but I got impatient and joined Bane of Chaos (who were equally organized and fun). I still have Crimson vent info from the once or twice I roamed with them during my ‘try out’. Gosh, look at me, babbling like a school-girl with a crush. “Gank loves Crimson, Gank loves Crimson, Gank and Crimson sitting in a tree.......”.

    Any chance you guys have a Destro Arm of Crimson on Badlands? ;)

    Thanks for your comment, and thanks for adding me to your blog-roll.

  3. I have only joined about two months ago or so, but I've regretted not joining sooner. Because beneath the facade of organisation and strictness there's fun-loving and surprisingly easy-going people. Honestly, the only thing that keeps us at that level of performance are some exceptional guild members who theorycraft and try to improve the way we play on a daily basis. In addition to having people who know how to play, obviously. Wow, this sounds like an advertisment, something we sure don't need as we're filled to the brim. Hope people don't read comments. :P

    We don't play much on other servers, though we do have a destro guild Krimson up on Karak Azgal.

    And I remember BoC back from my days on Karak Eight Peaks and they seemed to be a fun yet very organised guild. Shame they disbanded.

    I like your style of writing and you have my blog in your blog-roll so adding yours to mine was a no-brainer. :)

  4. No need to worry about a flood of recruits banging on your Crimson door... I doubt anyone's reading these comment except for you and me atm :)