Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lordy, Lordy, Guess Who's 40?

I finally got bored with the smug feeling of anticipation and decided to use that pretty little war tract sitting in my back pack. My beloved Engineer is now 40. I have a few rr levels to go before he’s 40/40 but I feel like I have managed to accomplish a great deal. This particular toon started his life as my first order character on a long-defunct ORVR server I can't actually remember the name of anymore. He made the virtual trek/transfer to Eltharion (where the que times were up to an hour at prime time) and was soon neglected after they nerfed the aoe capabilities of the Engineers- specifically the land mine.

Land mine was one nasty little skill when it used to cause knockdowns! Oh, sorry, you’ve been knocked down? Let me just chuck on a Napalm Grenade there for you. Oh, you’re back up? Okay, hows about I leave this Barbed Wire here for you? Broke free? Okay, I guess I’ll destruct my turret and, gosh, sorry, you’ve fallen down again, haven’t you? Oh well, good thing my Napalm Grenade bomb is ready again.

It wasn’t that effective, obviously, with immunities and what not, but I had fun. Now the land mine is a mere shadow of its former glory. It staggers your opponent but then what? If he’s damaged, of course, the spell is broken, and more often than not the turret is firing away, or you’ve already pasted him with an acid bomb, so on they come.

Once my engineer turned 40 I (quite predictably) shelved him and turned my attention elsewhere. The problem with being a committed altoholic is that there is always something, or someone else you could be doing (that may have come out wrong). I can’t stop my mind from wandering to all my other toons. Surely they must be lonely, or bored? Maybe just an hour with them, I say, then back to business! It ultimately keeps me from making a commitment to any one class, server, or guild for that matter (though I am still only in one). That perhaps says more about me personally than I’d like to reveal (or acknowledge without heaps of therapy for support).

I’ve been thinking a lot since I started this blog on my altoholism (but not my alcoholism which I am perfectly comfortable with). Why is it I have so many toons? Today I was thinking of re-subbing my old Destro account on Gorfang (I miss you Tankosaurus!). I will remind you that it has only been a few short weeks since I ‘retired’ him and re-rolled on Badlands. That’s insane, isn’t it? It’s all the bloody levelling. Taking the same class through all the same steps to get him to where the other one was..... it’s disheartening. I’ve tried it a few times and have never quite succeeded. That is actually the reason I re-subbed my order account.

In spite of these tier 1 (and 2.....and 3) blues I have, after much consideration, reached the conclusion that there isn’t anything wrong with me. I like rolling alts. I did the same in Guild Wars as well (Axe Handle Annie, Sword Pommel Sally, Daft Munk. and Roos With Lurchers among the best). What’s more I feel that Warhammer, as a whole, does not provide an engrossing, challenging game environment to occupy my oft-distracted mind. The fact I still play it, and can have fun doing so, is a great example of Doublethink. George would be proud of me I singly-think.

Ultimately I think Warhammer is a game best enjoyed on a casual basis but that is something I am not able to do. It is my main source of entertainment and the game I play the most. As I have said previously whenever I try to take Warhammer seriously, disappointment is sure to follow. I started Warhammer because I wanted to take a break from competitive pvp and just relax. I had been heavy into Guild Wars pvp and decided that I would give it up (my headset included) and just chill out. Warhammer filled that need, but now I’m getting the itch to be more competitive.

Is it possible to ‘get serious’ about a game which, and let’s be honest, relies not on the clever selection and utilization of skills, nor coordinated teamwork, nor an in-depth knowledge of your enemies capabilities but simply on the formula: numbers + gear = win. I know this may seem like a simplistic view, and I do realize that there are some very coordinated, capable teams out there (Crimson for Order on Karak Norn to name one), but overall? It’s about the gear and the zerg. The fact that Warhammer is the only interesting game out there with significant pvp content keeps me hooked (but if I’m wrong, and you know of a great pvp game for the love of God, let me know!).

I do test out other games now and again, and at the moment I am closely following the developments and discussions of RIFT.  Apparently a pve-focussed game without any groundbreaking features to call its own the reviews are none-the-less coming in fairly positively in the blogging community. The current beta (3) for which I hope to buy, beg, steal, or forge an invite for, is including pvp for the first time. It may be a game which succeeds because it’s in the right place at the right time. An okay game in today’s market which takes and refines the best bits from other games whose veteran players have grown tired of playing may very well succeed. At any rate I understand there will be pvp-servers and even in a pve-game this creates the perfect environment for........ the gank :)

With no release date yet announced, and the game I am currently testing (I promise, in the new year, I will provide a proper review) quickly losing my interest however, Warhammer remains the only game around in a one-game (pvp) town. Enjoy my $15 bucks a month while you can Mythic.....or maybe my $30 if I decide to re-sub my other account.....and then another $15 for the rvr pack......damn you Mythic! Just like a drug dealer the first two weeks were free and now I gotsta pay.

And now, back to the Days of (Gaming) Christmas.

And On The 4th Day Of (Gaming) Christmas My True Love Gave To Me: Intellivision

I distinctly remember having the white Intellivision console with the Intellivoice add-on (the ancient version of the RVR pack) so I am going to have to go with Wiki on this one and say the year was 1983. I remember Space Spartans because of the voice (OMG can you imagine a game with voices), and of course Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: the beginning of my love affair with fantasy role-playing games that would continue to haunt me like a bad crack-habit for the rest of my days. Or still does, I should say, as the rest of my days are not over yet. Or are they? Hmmmmm...if I’m a brain in a vat and all life’s experiences are being programmed for me how would I know.........oops, never mind. Slight slip back into philosophy 101 there. My bad (and a shout out to my man Plato for that little number).

So once again I found myself sitting cross-legged on the floor (it was so long ago chairs hadn’t been invented yet apparently) playing games on a massive television (and not in the good way that televisions are massive today) while my mother would ask (yell) “Haven’t you played that game long enough”? That would all stop only to be replaced over 30 years later by She Who Is To Be Named Later saying much the same thing. Such is the circle of life.

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