Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's All About The Anticipation

The best part about standing in line is when you're next. Waiting is no fun, and once it's actually your turn you too busy doing whatever it is you were waiting to do to think about anything else. When your next, however, there is no better feeling. You want to look at all those suckers behind you and say "Look at me, I'm next!" You feel special.

I can't recall the name of the comedian I stole that from. I want to say Dennis Leary, but I may be wrong. I can properly reference The Simpsons for this one though:

"Better than the memory, better than the deed, the moment........ of anticipation."

My beloved Engineer- my very first alt (the second toon I ever rolled)- is now 39. Huzzah!

Last night I was online quite late (for EU) and there was very little to do. I thought briefly about taking 'ole Tankosauruss for a spin on Badlands but decided, in the end, to do some grinding. Yes, after numerous blogs, and many chat-posts about how much I hate grinding, and how much I hate players doing rats when the keep is being attacked- I ground rats....or did I grind them?.....or was I grinding?.....or were they being ground....?

To be fair it was between 6:00 am and 8:00 am GMT so it was very quiet. I had decided since coming back that I would try to focus on my Engineer and at the very least get him to 40/40. Previous grinding spots include The Land of the Dead (why did no one tell me this is pointless now as the rats give more experience?). I did make a brief appearance there and was jumped by a Magus. I thought about blanking is name out of the picture below (as I've seen others do in their blogs) but decided, in the end, that it sucks to be him. I was minding my own business after all, so here it is: Winner- me! Huzzah!

So after the ding I did the usual and went to Nordland, Chapter 4, and began to unleash hell on the unsuspecting pve pixals. I was in such a good mood that I turned myself into a chicken and let a poor, lonely rank 6 Choppa slay me for whatever experience and rr I might provide. I hope it was a lot- I feel I'm worth it.

I am assuming, by now, everyone knows there is a free war tract available in Empire Chapter 4. You only have to fill 2 bars of influence and you are granted the 'Mentioned in Dispatches' quest in Altdorph. If not, here it is:

Once I had said war-tract in my sweaty grasp I found a nice corner and made ready for the screen shot. Then I though about T4 and how painful it was going to be at rr37. Then I remembered how painful T3 is, generally speaking, and how boring it is to pug there (my guildies are all T4-focused). Ultimately I've decided I will use the war tract....soonish.....but for just a little while I would sit back and enjoy the anticipation of what was to come.

Now, back to the Gaming Days of Christmas.

On the third day of (gaming) Christmas my true love gave to me: The Arcade

We weren’t exactly cutting edge where I grew up so there was a 1-2 year delay in the release of the home-based consoles (mentioned last blog) until the time we got a chance to play them. As with everything prices started out very high ($1,000 for the first VCR’s I recall) then came down. We waited until they were down. Way down. During those intervening years between the release of Video Console Systems and our getting our grubby gaming hands on them there was the Arcade.

I spent many a quarter and quite a few hours (days) in the arcades of my youth. The three games I remember most are Asteroids, Galaga, and Q*bert. Not only are these classic games (and were loads of fun to play at the time) but they actually sat side by side, in the order listed, in my home-town arcade. Next to the juke box. Wow, how's that for old. I also remember listening to Split Enz’s Six Months In A Leaky Boat (ad nauseam) while playing. This makes it 1982. Much to my amusement you can find online versions of these games here and here. The heart-beat 'soundtrack' of Asteroids still fills me with excitement! For my younger readers, all I can offer as way of an explanation is that we were more easily amused back in those days- “I’m gonna push a hoop with a stick down a dirt road.” Free beer for anyone who can place that quote*

*Note: the free beer offered in this competition may not actually be free, nor beer, nor free beer. Winners will have to answer a handwritten, 20-page, skill-testing question on the origin of organized religion among early farmers as evidenced in burial practices of the Irish Early Bronze Age. Successful applicants are responsible for conducting their own field-work.

I am no longer responsible for the bad-taste of my youth nor the tragedy that was the 80's.

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