Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Heart 1.40

I have said, I'm sure many times, that the 1.4 patch got me back. "You had me at restructured tier level caps Mr. McGuire!" I know that as we settle into it there are those who are unhappy and I will happily admit that there is a lot more to do and many of the 1.4 activities are, indeed, boring. These discussion are making the rounds and I do agree with most of them. I will say that pre 1.4 I would not have been able to play my beloved Norn toons at 5-7am Europe time -I know, I know there are various time zones and they all likely have there very own name but now that I'm back in North America its all EU time to me. I don't' even know what my own time zone is called so don't take it personally. After moving 20 times in 7 years over 5 countries you lose track, trust me.

Anyway, back to Norn! Or is it Narnia.....whichever. 1.4 allows smaller numbers of payers to have fun, win zones and do battle. I started in T3 hunting for destro in Empire as I always do on the off chance there is someone to gank and/or fight. As with the other night when I ran into Mr. Choppa, I was in luck!

Winner- me! Huzzah!

Ganking has it rewards. Do you have the new Ganking Miles Master Card?

That's a nice little payday for one tiny Squig Herder. What I am unable to show you, unfortunately, is the amount of renown, experience, and influence the Shaman (who mopped the floor with me three times) earned. Can't win em all.

The other great thing I am now able to do is leech renown, experience, and influence in T4 while....wait for it......NOT sitting the warcamp guarding the mailbox. Look at my rank and rr in the photo below.....Honestly, I'm no good to anyone in T4 at this rank but with the introduction of the Skaven classes I can actually make a contribution. I managed to get a few kills, or assist in some at any rate, hang with my guildies, and earn some much needed renown. As the gutter runner, at the very least, you can hide from the big, scary rr80+ toons while alerting the others to where they are and what they are doing.

If by playing you mean hiding while others bash down the door.

It was good fun, and I did manage to get 26% of a renown level just for that one keep take. Brilliant. All in all I am happy with the direction the game is taking. I do know, however, that more needs to be done. Its because I have a variety of toons on the go, and that I am still playing catch up that I am more tolerant of the obvious- that this won't be enough to keep the upper tiered players happy and subbed.

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