Friday, December 31, 2010

Change Is In the Air

And so it is. The New Year is just around the corner and tonight is traditionally a time for anticipation, celebration, and fun. If you're one of the many people who view this as an opportunity to make long-overdue changes in your life, I wish you the best. I resolved to give up resolutions one New Year's Eve and have successfully held to it so I won't be joining you. I don't need the unobtainable, unrealistic expectations of my tormented inner psyche to add to that of the world around me thank-you very much.

I will not burden you with a gaming blog on tonight, of all nights. There will be some changes in the next week or so as I tinker with my layout and focus. I figure now is the time since I only have a handful of (potentially) fickle readers I might anger with my radical changes. Insert happy face emote.

Whether you are alone tonight, or with friends, or feeling alone with your friends, I wish you a Happy New Year. Many of us find the holiday season to be stressful, or downright lonely so I would like to leave you with this bit of wisdom I have managed to acquire throughout my travels both real and imagined:

You can't be unhappy, lonely, or sad, nor can you refuse to dance when there exists in the world........... Daft Punk

Have fun everyone and be safe!

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