Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Carebears Cometh

The more online gaming I do the more I realize that the MMO world really is split into two. The marked difference between pvp-orientated payers and pve-focussed ones can sometimes be overlooked in a game like Warhammer. After all we are pvp-ing almost exclusively and after 2 years those of us who are veterans obviously like it. When you stray from the safe, comforting pvp-arms of Warhammer you can have some interesting encounters. I admit I remain baffled and somewhat confused by people’s reactions to pvp but there you go. Different strokes and all that.

Last night I was levelling Tankosauruss (14) and, as often happens with the new RVR pack, I manage to cap my RR. What’s a poor Black Orc to do? Uggg. You guessed it, grind some mobs. I mean I’m 70% there so a few quests, a few dead stationary pixels and there we are. Ready for the next keep take.

Now because I have just left the lake I am, of course, still flagged for RVR. Most of the time I don’t even think about it. On this particular occasion, as I’m happily bashing some flagellants I note a WH (21) gallop in, dismount, and disappear. Gosh, I wonder what’s going to happen next? As the proud owner of my very own WH (32) I can honestly say I have been in this guy’s position literally hundreds of times. I know exactly what’s to come but what can you do? Back yourself up against a rock, get ready for the Sudden Accusation and try to make a bit of a show (I was only rank 13 after all). He appears, he attacks, I defend, I die. Game over. No big deal, I re-spawn, cash in my quests, get my level, and life goes on.

Now fast forward an hour or so later to the Beta Test Game I am currently playing. There is a PVE server and an open-world PVP server. No tiers mind you, just a free-for-all. I will sheepishly admit I did roll a toon on the PVE server, just to see, and it was, well....boring. Not so much boring, really, but bewildering (I will comment on this in a few weeks when I begin to blog properly about it and reveal the mystery game!).
So I’m running around with a fairly new addition to my MMO family, Gankalicious (yes I like the name). At level 6 there isn’t a lot of trouble I can get into but the Gank Gods must be with me because I quickly come across a level 5 enemy and we get to it. Winner- me!


I continue on my way and do a bit of questing, exploring, and some good ‘ole fashion mob-bashing. It isn’t long before I come across the highlight of my gaming day, and the point of this particular blog: an AFK enemy. I know he’s AFK because in this game they handily put a big, blue ‘AFK’ above your head when you flag yourself away from the keyboard. Nice. I do what (in my mind) anyone would do and gank him. Yes, he dies, and yes I’m pleased. Why not, after all? Its an open world pvp server and I’d certainly expect the same.

Not him, apparently. This game has the wonderful feature (just added by developers who listen to players feedback) of being able to talk to your opponents in the ‘Versus’ channel. God. I. Love.
That. The gankee is unhappy when he returns from fixing himself a pink cocktail (I meant that to be an insult to his manhood but I believe, at the time, I was drinking a slow-gin and tonic which was, coincidentally, pink-ish in colour) and finds himself dead. Oh nooos. I am both bemused and bewildered at the conversation that followed:

<Versus><GuyIJustKilled> lol, I guess I can’t check my inventory in the middle of the street or I’ll end up killed.
<Versus><Gankalicous> Err, this is the pvp server, remember?
<Versus><GuyIJustKilled> Ya, but that’s not really fair. I as afk.
<Versus><Randomperson> There is a PVE server you know.
<Versus><GuyIJustKilled> Whatever. I keep getting ganked by high level *&^%&*(@. This is stupid. They are camping the mission area. How am I supposed to do my missions?

Now, in all fairness, what can you say to people like this? Waaaaaa, stfu, and l2p come to mind but I almost always refrain from that sort of behaviour. It’s simply not becoming of a professional ganker in my opinion. Besides, everyone is (despite what I really think) entitled to their opinion. I will ask, however (whilst pulling my hair out): Why would you join a pvp server and complain about being attacked by other players? I don’t spend my time on pve-servers standing next to my opposing factions players saying: "God I wish I could attack you right now! This is so unfair."

I don’t like being killed, and especially not if I’ve gone afk, but if I’m sitting at a BO checking my inventory, crafting, or reading blogs and I get ganked, who’s at fault? I guess I’m just a player vs player kinda guy at heart. I like the anticipation of the hunt and the thrill of the fight. I prefer the action of open-world pvp be I the ganker, or the gankee. Given the failure of Warhammer’s ORVR servers (in what is essentially a pvp-only game I remind you) it may be that I am in the minority. Until they shut down that pvp server, however, I will be ganking.

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