Thursday, December 9, 2010

And so it begins.

If you share the (compulsive) desire to ensure everything is as perfect as it can be before embarking on any new endeavor you will appreciate the monumental leap this beginning represents. Everything is not just so and my (compulsive) nature is not happy. In fact I hear it weeping in the (recently cleaned) corner of my mind. I will, as time goes on, be adjusting the look (and possibly direction) of this blog but you will be stuck with what you read. 

My style. My tone. My cerebral flights of fancy. There is no adjusting that I’m afraid. 
I think this may actually be a good introduction because I often start out in the middle of any manner of random topics that have been swirling around inside my head for some time with the self-absorbed and oft narcissistic belief that those around me will have been privy to these musings. It will be good practice for what’s to come.   

I will, for the sake of this first, inaugural post reign in the thought threads that are rapidly sailing away and start at the beginning....No, not really! That's way too boring (especially for me as I 've heard it all a million times before).  

So I've started a blog and no-one, not even me, understands why. Well, that may not actually be entirely true. I have some idea as to why: I love gaming. That's it really. I love gaming and I hate people. Oops. Was that out loud? Ahh sure, it's out there now. Can't take it back so its best to move on. 

I really do love gaming and rarely have the opportunity to talk about it. I'd like to tell you that I'm just too busy to check in with my friends to have these desired, engrossing, game-related discussions but I think if you were to refer back to the "......hate people" statement above you would realize that that, good sir, is a  bold-faced lie. I am a people-hating, job-having, married, adult (according to my chronological age- break out the dendochronology kits and count the rings if you dare) with few RL friends. Circumstance and choice (mainly choice- possibly theirs). Take the entire population of everyone I know and divide that by the general proportion of people who like games and the numbers plummet rather quickly........all the way to 1 (very close to the damage my RP does when specced for DPS). 

I have 1 actual RL friend who is as passionate about gaming as me. In fact I still have the "3rd on the A-side" Dungeons and Dragons (Advanced, thank you very much) plaque we won in 1984 (we've already established I'm old, so its best to accept it and move on). Unfortunately this RL friend has the audacity, after 26-years of my loyal friendship and superb company to have gone and got himself married (14 years ago). And have a child (now 14- can you do the math?). And open a business. And absolutely refuse, refuse mind you, to relocate to the city in which I live. Indeed. How very dare he.
In any case I had the opportunity to catch up with him last summer whilst slaving away under his brutal, totalitarian regime (in said business for mere pennies a day) and it was (despite the brutal work load and unbearably long hours) great. I realized I loooooved talking about games. Games we played. Games we used to play. Games we wanted to play. Games we thought should be made. Do you see a pattern?

And so it began......

And so it begins.

So what’s in it for me, you ask? Why should I read this blog of yours? I couldn’t, even should I want to, answer that. I’ve given up mind-reading (for now). I know what’s in it for me however and I hope that in satisfying my vain, selfish need to talk about games and the things that make life fun that you too will find something interesting here. I am a gamer and the game-de-jour is Warhammer Online.

I am a proud Warhammer Online Veteran and I will not bother to complain, excuse, or revisit why I stopped playing for a year and why I have only one rank 40-toon (revisit altoholic’ and see Toon Count for your answer). We, the last stubborn, abused survivors of the one million (yes million) people who purchased the game, all sweaty with anticipation (only to have ample opportunity to dry off while we spent two hours queing to get on the server) know and understand. We /nodknowingly to each other. Complete sentences are not required.. Mumbled, barely audible snippets of oft-repeated phrases will do: “fortress, lag, server-population, server-merges, GOA, GOA....GOA...”(did I mention....GOA?) ettttt....cettttt....errrrr....aaaa. 

Bottom line- the game is still fun and I continue to amuse myself across a multitude of severs on various toons. I enjoy reading and discussing online, and other games, and have found that the forums do not provide the outlet I am looking for. I have recently, thanks to The One Who Will Be Named Later, discovered blogs, and now you have found mine. Thanks for stopping by, but I don’t recommend you turn you back as you leave.

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