Saturday, December 11, 2010

And Now He Won't Shut Up

So I've started a blog and now I won't shut up. I'm guessing, however, that this is the point of a blog. I imagine it will begin with a 'posting frenzy' because it is all new and wonderful, and then it will slide to a 'posting craze' as the gloss wears off, to be followed by a 'posting glut' where you read multiple (boring) posts about how busy my RL has become and how sorry I am I haven't been posting. Until then, however, read on good sir(s)!    

So I come in last night from the Christmas party, hosted by my overseers at the Lime Quarry where I toil weekly (coughing as the caustic lime dust eats away at my lungs), a bit drunk. Not, OMG he-told-the-boss-to-go-****-himself-drunk, or OMG his-wife-is-going-to-kill-him-for-being-such-an-ass-drunk, but definitely, we-need-to-leave-before-you-drink-anymore-drunk. And of course I sit down to play Warhammer. And I had fun.    

Dissapointed? Expecting a rage-quitting, or at the very least a heated argument in local (or the dreaded...... advice channel........)? The advice channel is like the online equivalent of the boogey-man: Stop that right now or the Advice Channel will get you!  Mom! I think the Advice Channel is hiding under my bed! Ahhh, but I digress (the important thing to remember in these situations is that I find myself funny and no amount of criticism will make me stop). No rants in any advice channel, just some good 'ole fashion fun. 

I logged my 32 WH Gankalicious and headed to T3 Empire in the hopes there might the chance, well, to gank. Remember that its around 5-6 am for most of the people who would normally use the Karak Norn server (ie Europe) so I wasn't expecting a lot. I did, to my great joy, run across a 35 Choppa grinding renown by busying his little resource carriers to and fro. And so, fun ensued.  

I have no illusions as to my god-like playing ability (even when drunk) so the point of this isn't to brag about how I 'wtf pwnd' him. I actually wish I could remember his name so I could 'tip my hat' as it were, but in any case our encounters ended with a 3-1 score for me. The winner. Huzzzah!   

But back to the point (yes, there actually is one). I wish there was a global chat, region or otherwise, where you could talk to the other side.Gasp, cough, huh? Madness you say! Imagine the conversations: I pwned you! Dessie sucks! Order is ghey! Why cnt I spll? Etc.Maybe, but it works in Guild Wars, and I miss it. Again: gasp, cough, huh? Guild Wars? What the hell? This is a blog about Warhammer, you say. Yes, well, Guild Wars is the only other MMO I have ever played for longer than a trial period (thats right, I said it) so my comparisons will always be to it.  

Guild Wars had some awesome features that I really miss and being able to chat to everyone in the game is one of them. Now I know we're 'enemies' and all that, but it would be nice. Yes there would be the baiting, trolling, and bragging that one would expect, but it would be nice to be able to say "gg" once in a while to a worthy opponent. There are times I wish I could kill my own allies for some of the stupid shit they say in chat so what would the difference be? I realize the tactical nature of the ORVR would preclude such a chat channel but it would be fun, perhaps in sc's to be able to bait, taunt, brag, moan, and just once in a while, tip your hat and say "gg".  And so I end this with a what I would have said (drunk at 5 am) to the Choppa who assisted me in having a bit of fun last night had such a channel existed.  

[Global][Gankalicous]: gg mate, I've got to crash. A bit drunk from the Xmas party lol.   

[Global][Choppa]: gg. Glad I got to kill you that last time.    

[Global][Gankalicous]: aye, almost had me every time tbh. Down to 10% each time.     

[Global][Choppa]: Next time.     

[Global][Gankalicous]: time I'd remember I specced that death-blow renown thingy and it woulda been 4-0 ;)   


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